Measurement parameters
Regular Hulda Clark Zapper Output Voltage = 8.1 voltsParaZapperPLUS output voltage = 9.4 volts
Hulda Clark Zapper voltage
ParaZapperPLUS voltage
ParaZapperPLUS voltage compared to Hulda Clark Zapper voltage. ParaZapper's output is higher.
Hulda Clark Zapper and ParaZapperPLUS voltage compare ! ParaZapperPLUS is higher!
Measurements made with Tektronix Model 464 Storage scope.
Vertical set at 2.0 Volts per div.
Horizontal set at 50 microsec per Div for 2500 Hertz range.

Horizontal set at 5 microsec per Div for 30000 Hertz range.

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