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Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper

ParaZapper stands out with quality construction, components, and reliability.

ParaZapper Customer comments

Competitors unit advertized at $99 ParaZapper™ PLUS-2 sells for less than $110
competitors zapper advertized for $99.00 ParaZapper™ PLUS with quality construction sells for $82.00 US
  • Made in the USA

  • Fast delivery, most items are built to order and ship within 2-3 days.
  • Easy to reach toll free phone number 1-866-765-5116 to get quick service and limited helpful information.

    We are here to help but we can not discuss the use of zapper for health purposes.

  • Zapper based on Dr. Hulda Clark's latest parasite zapper circuit with improvements to make it more effective.
  • Electronics are encased in durable, rugged ABS plastic. Small (size of cigarette pack), light weight 0.5 lbs.
  • 0.25 volt offset as specified by Dr. Clark!
  • Stabilized output circuitry!
  • Secured circuit board and no loose wiring makes our zappers extra reliable.
  • Dual Frequency reaches microbes that others do not!
  • Quality tested on an oscilloscope for proper frequency, voltage, and waveform.
  • Low Factory Direct prices means savings.
  • Higher zapper output with Para Zapper PLUS you get a full 9 volt output instead of 7.5 that regular Hulda Clark Zappers produce.
  • Adjustable Current control with Para Zapper CCa you get a full 9.6 volt output, and adjustable current limit from 4 ma to 9 ma.
  • Easy to use push button switches for power and frequency selection. Professionally designed zapper.
  • Copper paddles are soldered to instrument grade cables with lead free silver solder.
  • Optional Hands Free Wrist Straps have metal wrist contacts with low resistance cables. Not recommended for use with zappers.
  • Our Copper Paddles have a internal soldered connection ... No alligator clips to corrode!
    Less broken wires!
  • Optional Copper Pad Electrodes provide a stronger zapper signal due to greater contact area.
  • Maximum effectiveness compared to many other zappers.
  • Bright TriColor LED lets you know that the unit is working to produce maximum effectiveness. With Para Zapper PLUS and Para Zapper CCa Yellow / Orange means that it is working correctly.
  • Long Battery Life. Easy open 9 volt battery holder. Red Low Battery Indicator on Para Zapper PLUS.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 30 day return policy, 5 year Warranty on our parasite zappers.
  • High reliability Only a small number of our last 12000 ParaZappers sold have needed any repairs.
  • Fast service turn around, 2-3 days normal.

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