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Copper Paddles Wrist Straps
Using paper towels wetted with saline solution improves signal at 2500Hz
Even with saline soaked paper towels at 2500Hz wrist straps are not as effective. Note the high spikes which indicate loss of high frequencies which are important.

The signal from the wrist straps is not as good

They produce a poor connection, lower voltage, and lower current.

For optimal results use the copper pads with copper paddles

proper_current_measurement Current measuring criteria
ParaZapper and ParaZapper PLUS only

Current measured across R1 gives 1% accuracy.
output = 1 volt / milliamp current.
Measurements made with Tektronix Model 464 Storage scope.
Vertical set at 2.0 Volts per div.
Horizontal set at 50 microsec per Div for 2500 Hertz range.

Horizontal set at 5 microsec per Div for 30000 Hertz range.

Wrist straps are not sold for zapping humans on this site.
They are suitable for connecting to pipes.

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